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OmegA Rocket Northrop Grumman

  • OmegA is an intermediate/heavy-class rocket designed to launch national security missions.
  • It leverages flight-proven technologies that have contributed to nearly 100 successful space launch missions.
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Best Value

Northrop Grumman designed the OmegA launch system specifically to perform national security missions.


OmegA has extremely low risk factors compared to vehicles with unproven engines. For example, fewer moving parts result in fewer failure points. OmegA’s first and second stage solid propulsion draws on decades of reliable performance on the Space Shuttle, Minuteman, and Trident (II) D-5, as well as targets and interceptors for missile defense. (Solid rocket motors have a 100 percent success rate over the past 17 years.) OmegA also employs advances in solid rocket technology to ensure sensitive payloads have a smooth ride. Extremely reliable, flight-proven RL10 engines power the cryogenic upper stage.


The OmegA launch system leverages existing facilities with excess capacity to manufacture the first and second stages, side-mounted boosters, avionics, liquid upper stages, fairings and interstages. This use of existing facilities results in affordability for our customers.


Northrop Grumman employees are highly experienced in launch systems and related technologies. Time and again, customers turn to Northrop Grumman to produce a variety of launch vehicles. And each time, our team demonstrates unrivaled commitment to our customers’ success by meeting milestones, overcoming challenges and delivering on time.


Northrop Grumman’s business case for OmegA closes on few launches, without the need to rely on the volatile commercial market. When the launch manifest changes, we adjust by moving employees where they are needed—ensuring a stable, experienced workforce year after year. With our diversified portfolio, Northrop Grumman will be a reliable partner for decades.

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