77 Trainers Explain Why Women Should Lift Weights

Ok. So we’ve all heard the reasons why women should lift weights yet, there’s still confusion in some circles. This is wrong and the silly myth that a woman will get bulky or hairy or manly if she lifts weights needs to end.

I polled thePTDC Facebook page for their best pitch in under 3 sentences on why women should lift weights. So this is it, 77 different trainers from every corner of the World telling you to lift weights. Spread this to help offset the damaging effects that some publications and news sources have as they promote myths perpetuating things like “toning” and the ability to “bring the muscle closer to the bone”.


“Strength training can increase the amount of muscle in your body, which in turn will decrease your body fat percentage, and improve your overall body composition” – Cynthia Redford

“Don’t go shopping for the clothes you love, don’t have any children and don’t complain that you want bigger boobs- you can’t carry any of them -___-” – Ashley-Louise Sinclair

“but light weights won’t get you strong to carry your shopping and luggage around Canada’ (holiday for a client).” – Tania Rowan

“Lifting weights means you can eat more without getting fat” – Reece Mander

“How much does your father weight? If he falls to the floor, how could you help him? Can you lift him or you will need to call someone??” – Antonio Ventin Cptrainers

“I would explain that her testosterone levels are too low to produce those types of results and lifting heavy weights will be the quickest and most efficient way of shedding fat. I might throw the word “toned” in there too.” – Dave Baker

“Strong is the new skinny” – Angelo Todaro

“What are your goals? Has what you done in the past worked? Are you willing to try a new approach?” – Patrick Beriault

“You don’t have the balls to bulk up” – Steven Hicks

“Women are made to be able to lift her child and run when there is danger. Being able to lift heavy stuff without getting hurt makes your life a lot easier, if speaking beyond survival.” – Nattha Ploy

“It’s higher intensity than most cardio so raises your metabolism. This causes quicker (and longer term) fat loss and sexy “toned” curves.” – Ben Singh

“If you don’t lift heavy weights, then everything pretty much goes further south a lot quicker than you want.” – Matthew White

“What is it that every female wants to accomplish? Lifting heavy weights isn’t going to make you “bulky”. It will make you feel strong. When you feel strong you feel confident. Best of all you’ll look better naked and gain that “toned” look every woman always tries to achieve, without stepping on the treadmill.” – Trent Dubois

“With do you usually do? Is that getting you the results you want?” – Jesus Acuña

“Contrary to popular thought, lifting heavy weights will not make you bulky like a guy because women don’t have nearly the amount of hormones that men do to “bulk up”. Strength training will help you gain muscle; muscle takes up less space than fat and this will give you a lean physique. Your body fat percentage will also decrease.” – Lavanya Krishnan

“Lifting heavy will change your life like nothing else. Not only will you become stronger physically, but mentally and emotionally stronger as well. You will be able to handle anything that life throws at you.” – Kimberly Mills

“You don’t gain muscle by accident; you have to constantly kill yourself to make it happen. Show her pix of hot girls who lift.” – Rick O’Shea

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear. If you learn how to lift correctly the number on the weight won’t matter, but your sense of achievement and increased confidence (as well as a smokin hot body!) will make you feel AMAZING.” – Sarah O’Neill

“Here’s my card. Let me show you a few lifts. See for yourself.” – Dean Trinklein

“What is it about weights that you are afraid of?….You will never end up looking like The Hulk because females don’t have the testosterone men have to bulk up. BUT…lifting weights will give you a better body shape, better posture and you’ll feel better about yourself – so when do you want to start lifting?” – Fiona Compston

“Adipose is gross. You need to lift to have any real change in metabolism, ADL’s improve exponentially with a stronger core/body.” – Scott Murray Jr.

“Ok, enjoy your flat ass.” – Christina White

“Lifting weights will not make you big….cupcakes will make you big.” – Kevin Smith

“Do you have any children? How heavy are they?” – Michael Park

“Shut up and lift” – Joseph Baird

“Weights= increase lean body mass, which equals a faster metabolism which equals and leaner stronger sexier body. Why wouldn’t you lift weights” – Aimee Stevens

“Skinny runs, sexy lifts” – Shawn Murray

“Strong is the new sexy” – Xavier Stravens

“Look at me, I don’t look like a man and I lift weights’ – Strong is the new skinny!” – Gail Ball

“I’m a female. So when i hear this i say “honey, if a woman could hulk up from lifting heavy, I’d be green”. Their response, without fail, is “omg! You’re so skinny!” Yup” – Wendy Miller Standridge

“Wanna eat more? Lift weights” – Jason Clarke

“Did you know heavy weight lifting is the best defense against aging, keeps shopping for clothes enjoyable, and gives you the ability to lift and play with your children and grandchildren?” – Erika Nall

“Tone doesn’t exist love, it’s a word that should only be used when referring to ones musical ability, fat loss and muscle gain!” – Daniel mark Anthony Ebbage

“Jessica Beil lifts heavy” – Franco Crincoli

“It doesn’t make you big, but helps bone health preventing osteoperiosis later in life. It always helps you lose weight.” – Kristy Lageson

“More muscle = higher metabolism which burns more calories at a resting state. Plus our body don’t bulk with our artificial supplementation. Lifting heavy is how you tone. Not cardio” – Katie Jones

“Well, going to the gym in your nice little workout outfit, with matching shoes and earbuds, wearing your hair down with makeup, walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes sure as heck ain’t gonna cut it sista’!” – Jason Ryan Edenfield

“Best way to keep fit is humping and pumping, lightweight!” – Lorraine Chi

“Woman shouted for equal rights,u got them,now lift it bitch,lol,” – Wendy Mitchell

“Lift like a man …look like a goddess….” – Mark Doherty

“So you’re saying you don’t want a rock hard body? – Johannes van Niekerk

“I ignore them and tell them that what they’re gonna lift isn’t heavy…the heavy ones are what the Men lift!!! They soon wanna lift those because women NEVER wanna be second to men…EVER…Reverse psychology!!!” – Paul Howell

“start lifting heavy weights or else you will get fat haha” – Øwen Ä»ewis

“Show her a picture of a bunch of female crossfit athletes doing overhead squats with the exact body she wishes she had.” – John Prather

“Never be afraid to do something that will benefit you on so many levels ! The real fear is that you never try so never realise how good you can be !” – Maria Donohow

“It took me (insert number of years training) to build the muscle on my body, as well as the testosterone that I have by being male… You will not look manly from lifting weights, try it out for a few weeks and if you’re unhappy we will adopt another strategy” – Simon Price

“Ask a female athlete how much weight they push” – Tyson Bethany

“I would say “you wanna tone and firm ure body and get a sexy body?? So get up there and move ure butt!! Train like a man!!lol” – Bracha Paris-Shwartz

“Also “just do it” works” – Karen Lachance Mosley

“With only cardio you will go from a big pear to a smaller pear but you will still be a pear. Weights will help change your bodyshape not to mention all the health benefits.” – Claudia Popoviciu

“With out testicles and if your eyebrows don’t meet in the middle like mine it’s nearly impossible otherwise I would look just like the Arnold ” – Ben Riley

“Your fear is unfounded.” – Trey Atarhe Mujakporue

“Lifting weights removes bingo wings. Lifting weights makes you tone up and loose body fat. Simple.” – Brian Soupy Campbell

“It raises your metabolism and burns calories when your not working out during recovery process.. Higher metabolism equals increased fat loss during cardio…” – Suzanne Markey

“I will tell them the way to help get the curves and FAT loss they desire is to lift heavy. I will then ask them if I look like a man. They say no then I tell them how heavy I lift. I follow it with the same info Cynthia Redford posted.” – Maria Andersen

“Ask a question to dig into their reasoning then base my reply off of that. What if they said they had a injury that held them back and it had nothing to do with gaining muscle. Gotta know their fear first!!” – Darrell Gallow

“All she has to to do is look at me! I lift very heavy and not bulky” – Kim N Tim Ruth

“Just try it, what have you got to loose… Apart from a whole heap of ugly!” – Simon Wolohan

“You want the body of a fitness model don’t you? Well lift like one!!!!!” – Neil Paterson

“Wot is the point in being afraid? In order to build a mountain, u need a strong foundation.” – Craig Guest

“Everybody wants a bikini body, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weight. If you want to look average, train average, ill wave to you on the stepper… Want to look above average?… Ill see you at the squat rack” – Callan Headrick

“Then enjoy the flab under your arms and the butt:)” – Ray Vanags

“What does your child weigh ? How many times have you lifted and carried then and for how long.” – Gerard Sheehan

“That we will conduct 3 sets of higher reps with lower weight, with very little rest between sets to help burn more calories and to get that sexy tone going!” – Antony Walker

“There is nothing sexier than “lady guns”. Besides, the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn all the time.” – Stacey Mitchell

“How heavy are your kids?? How heavy are the groceries??” – Joanne McCarthy

“What are you afraid of?” – Sheri Heaston

“Tell her you are afraid for her not to be lifting heavy weights.” – Jerry Hamill

“Lifting weight burns more calories give you that toned figure you want and doesn’t make you bulky as we don’t have the same amount of testosterone as males do.” – Robeka Nestorovski

“I’m not trying to be a body builder, I just want to look good in a t shirt.” – Julie DuBois

“Weight bearing exercises are great to help againt and prevent osteoporosis. It also helps your nervous system stay alert and active. So let the weights be scared of you!” – Christopher Lane

“Women don’t have the hormones to “bulk up”, however, lifting weights will increase lean body mass, which burns more calories at rest than fat, and will firm up those jiggle spots!” – Joy Rake Lanier

“The only thing to be afraid of is feeling you never gave it a go ” – Tim Venus

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