Find Your Target Market with This Simple Question

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The episode: 8: “Your 1 Percent Advantage” with Chloe Shovein

Former social worker Chloe Shovein has always loved people. So when she switched to personal training, she wanted to train as many different people as she could.

“If someone looked in my direction,” she recalls, “I’d be like, you wanna train?”

She got a lot of clients quickly, but found she didn’t click with everyone. While some thrived on her programs, others struggled to see results.

“You have to figure out how to get them motivated and empowered,” Chloe says. “If you can’t figure out what makes them tick, they’re not going to .”

Eventually her client roster became too full, and she had to narrow her focus.

She set out to find her target market by asking herself one simple question:

Who is effortless? 

“It was bizarre how clear was to me,” says Chloe.

She realized how much she loved working with women, and noticed that those women seemed naturally attracted to her and got good results on her plan.

She now trains only women ages 25 to 45 who want to achieve confidence and feel sexy.

“My clients are really people I want to be friends with,” she says. “It’s so fun! I love it.”

Are you looking for your unique selling point? Listen to this episode to learn how to find it.

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