How do I find a personal trainer?

I’m wondering how do I find a personal trainer.  As the trainee, how can one evaluate the trainer and not waste time and money?  I would like to know what 2 look 4 and what to ask. – Nancy5Jones(via twitter)

The first thing I always do when asked the question, how do I find a personal trainer? is advise the new trainees to look at the trainers credentials.

There are many people who call themselves personal trainers because of a piece of paper that expired years ago but a career personal trainer will have taken the time and will continue to take the time to educate themselves.

When speaking with the potential new trainer it’s important to discuss what they are doing to stay current and how they plan on staying cutting edge in the industry. If the trainer doesn’t have a good answer for you, you may be dealing with someone who feels they have met their potential and may not be as passionate or motivated to help people as they used to be.

The second thing you’re looking for when answering the question, how do I find a personal trainer? is experience, I’m not saying an inexperienced trainer is bad but if you want the best bang for you buck you want someone who has a keen eye and can assess your needs and relate them to your goals. Most experienced trainers are able to communicate better and

“those who understand the Why can deal with the how”

It much easier to do that last rep or that one exercise you don’t really like when you understand why your doing it.  To learn when to stop training and start coaching read this.

The last thing i look for when finding a personal trainer, and some could argue that this is more important, is personality. If you don’t like your trainer, you won’t enjoy your time in the gym and you’re less likely to show up.

To wrap up here are the top 3 things to look for when answerign the question. How do I find a personal trainer?

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