(OTP#60) Putting the ‘Social’ Back into Social Media to Gain Clients

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The Episode: Putting the ‘Social’ Back into Social Media to Gain Clients

As online trainers, the role of social media and the platforms we use to reach an audience is an integral part of what we do. Running a successful page or profile can mean your business is
alive and kicking, as an online audience provides so many different avenues to explore and
grow into. In this episode, we tackle the basics of building an engaging and sustainable online
presence, break down some of the common mistakes, and discuss ways to address them.

In This Episode

  • The personal side of social media that’s often missing from businesses
  • Finding your “thing,” the unique aspects of your personality you want to highlight
  • Staying consistent with who you are is a superpower
  • How to revive engagement in a quiet social media group
  • Continual connection is your first goal; metrics are secondary


“You have to figure out how to get in front of people, and the way to do that is to appeal to them in a much more personal way, on an individual basis.” — Jonathan Goodman


Problems with Many Social Media Accounts

As individuals build a business profile on social media, they often neglect the personal side of things. It’s important to show who you are while conducting business online. Balancing these two aspects is key to having any kind of success.

Staying Authentic and Consistent

Authentic content generates more engagement. Sticking to who you are brings out your strengths in a way that serves you and your business. If you do this long enough and consistently enough, while avoiding cliches and boastful content, you’ll create a strong bond with your audience, which will in turn attract new people.

Ways to Revive a Dead Group

Low-engagement Facebook groups can feel like a wasteland. You have lots of ways to inject life into these spaces: asking better questions, going live, running polls, making calls to action, telling personal stories. And if people don’t come to you, go to them. Connect and engage with others on their pages. If you do it in a way that makes them interested in you, they’ll be more likely to engage with you and your content.


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