(OTP#66) Jim Gazzale’s $1,500, One-New-Client-A-Week Method

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The Episode: Jim Gazzale’s $1,500, One-New-Client-A-Week Method

Building a profitable online coaching business is all about taking action. Jim Gazzale joins us on the show today to talk about the steps he has taken, along with taking part in the OTA, towards building his dream online coaching service. We hear from him about the way he has improved his business, built confidence, and most importantly increased his prices! Jim underlines the power of paying attention to clients, delivering results over empty talk, and taking imperfect action towards your goals.

In This Episode

  • The $95 a month model that Jim had previously for nutrition coaching
  • Managing the transition to a higher price model among other commitments
  • How Jim approaches time management, getting things done, and client preferences
  • The way Jim increased his prices and improved his business philosophy
  • Targeting new clients and communicating effectively
  • Jim’s expenses and profitability
  • Surveying clients and connecting through good questions
  • Thoughts on joining OTA and Jim’s message for those considering it


“My biggest thing is, the night before, writing out three to five things that I need to get accomplished. For me, it’s things that I need to do not things that I want to do.” — Jim Gazzale


Getting Things Done

For Jim, making sure to cross important things off his to-do list every day is vital. This means writing out a handful of necessary items for the next day each evening. This can take the form of social media content or outreach, but whatever it is, it is all about prioritizing and making sure it gets done!

Confidence and Strategy for Raising Prices

It is not easy to jump into online training and start charging your target prices. It is more realistic to incrementally increase your prices as your service and confidence grow. The confidence piece of this puzzle is vital; you need to be able to show people that you know your worth and the value you are advertising.

Paying for Results and Delivering What Clients Need

Running a business such as Jim’s means finding new clients and communicating effectively. Although these conversations are central, clients pay for results, not conversation, so the quicker you can get them working towards their goals, the better. Jim has improved his communication with new clients by noting the language of his client-base and drilling down on that. This aids connection and when you speak the language of the market you are aiming for, you will reap the rewards.


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