(OTP#68) How to Be a Content-Creating Machine

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The Episode: How to Be a Content-Creating Machine

In the world of online training, the content you put out occupies a sizable chunk of your work and determines much of your resultant success. In order to build and grow, this needs to be an area in which you improve and, ultimately, connect. A few major points here are knowing where your message is going, systematizing your creation process, achieving a level of consistency, and getting away from sporadic and confusing messaging. If you can connect these dots, you have that much more chance of reaching your ideal clients and striking gold.

In This Episode

  • Making sure you stay productive and have enough content
  • Selecting the right platforms to post your content
  • Taking imperfect action and including calls to action
  • Utilizing your ideas when they arise
  • Batching your content creation process


“I think perhaps the best use of social media in a lot of cases is to test material and messaging.” — Jonathan Goodman


Upping Your Productivity

It can be helpful to find the times and spaces that you are at your most creative and focused. This can also mean scheduling time for content creation so you can get away from normal distractions. Knowing where you’ll post your content can help improve your productivity. When the format is predetermined, you can drill down on the message and make the most of your time.

Creating, Compiling, and Posting

As we have said before, calls to action are what move the needle. Use social media to test your material and messaging, gauge reactions, and even crowd-source ideas. Your messages don’t need to be overly complex. Sometimes they can be as simple as posting questions you encounter and offering an answer—something that comes naturally to coaches.

More Ideas for Content Creation

Content creation is like any other exercise: You get better by doing the reps. Find a way to collect your thoughts when you have them. It’s easiest to jot them down in a notebook you carry with you at all times. That way, when it’s time to sit down and create something, you’ll always have something to work with.


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