(OTP#69) How to Turn Public Criticism into Sales

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The Episode: How to Turn Public Criticism into Sales

Any business will have disappointed customers. An online client’s disappointment often plays out as a negative review in a group or forum. Those situations, tricky as they are, can be great opportunities to benefit everyone involved. By dealing with complaints or criticism in a caring way, you can give a dissatisfied customer a positive final experience with you. Dealing with negativity also helps you get more clear and specific about who your offer is for. 

In This Episode

  • Healthy ways to reframe feedback and deal with negativity in a forum
  • Specific examples of criticism within OTA groups
  • Responding to bad reviews with context, useful information, and care
  • Making things right for a disappointed customer or client
  • The value of negativity and how this can help your sales


“What is very, very important in any kind of a response, particularly a public response on social media, is understanding who you are responding to and who is going to see that response.” — Jonathan Goodman


Dealing with Negativity Directly

If you ignore and ban anyone who posts something negative in a group you will create more of a problem for yourself and your business. That person will then leave more upset, with a worse view of how you run things. It is much better to deal with complaints in a transparent way, trying to answer what has been raised, and taking responsibility for the dissatisfaction.

What to Include in a Response

No offer is for everyone, so complaints are inevitable at some point. Keep in mind who you’re talking to and who will see your response. This helps you stay focused on crafting the best communication possible. Your first goal is to contextualize the complaint, if you can, while also demonstrating the care you have for your your customers.

Clarity and Care for All Customers

Any training program will have tradeoffs, and in the end, you aren’t trying to convince everyone that your offer is for them. You want the right people to find you and your value. That means you also have to be clear on who your offer is not for. When you get a client who isn’t a good fit for your service, make sure they feel they had a positive experience.


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