(OTP#70) A Real Life SOLD OUT Online Training Launch Example

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The Episode: A Real Life SOLD OUT Online Training Launch Example

A big part of being an online trainer is launching and selling programs, and today we look at a great example of how this can be done successfully, leading to a sold out offer! We break down the whole process, talking about the steps to start with, that come before the actual launch, how to manage the first sales and facilitate the later ones, sticking to a plan, as well as packing as much value in the course as possible through collaboration and clear branding.

In This Episode

  • A little bit about the course that Carolina just sold out
  • The preparatory steps that Carolina took before launching
  • Turning initial interest into sales
  • Asking for what you want and preparing to hear no
  • Lessons learned from each launch to carry forward  
  • Deciding on what to name a program and who to work with


“If you are not hearing no multiple times, then you are missing out on a tremendous amount of opportunities. Most people do not ask enough for what they want.” — Jonathan Goodman


The First Steps for a Launch

A launch starts before you actually launch, and the early steps in the process are some of the most important. You need to create excitement about your offer and some urgency and scarcity is also not a bad thing. You can do this through some posts on social media and carefully-chosen conversations to raise awareness in the right way. The real goal is to try and sell as much as possible in the shortest space of time after the offer goes live.

Sticking to the Vision and Strategy

The usual pattern of online launches is that you will have a bunch of sales at the start, a little dip and then a last-minute rush for the last tickets. Through this you need to stick to your script and see the launch through, you can even become more fearless after that initial spike. Launching is a constant learning process and the lessons you learn this time will help in your next launch too.

The Finishing Touches on a Program

It is a great idea to use different platforms and forums to speak to your people. Collaboration and inclusion can help get your launch over the line and can also make for a better and more attractive offer to customers. Try not to limit yourself, other professionals can complement what you are doing and everyone can win.


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