(OTP#75) Building an Online Training Business When You’re Broke

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The Episode: Building an Online Training Business When You’re Broke

Many of us who pursue a career in online training start from humble beginnings. Whether this be bootstrapping from the start because of financial restraints, or just starting small as a side hustle, many online trainers build things up where possible over a period of time. This approach is not always easy but is definitely not impossible, and if you can focus on smart and affordable ways to deliver your routines, track clients’ progress, and receive payment, you can experience great success without a large amount of initial capital.

In This Episode

  • The shoestring approach to building an online business
  • Finding the areas where you can save early on
  • Thoughts on good methodologies; spreadsheets and more
  • The best ways to deliver workouts to clients
  • Communication with clients on a budget
  • Tools for gathering payment from online clients
  • Extra tools and apps to boost your business for little to no money [0:34:47


“Your Instagram and your Facebook, that is your stage.” — Carolina Belmares


Building from the Ground Up

When starting out there are many points of possible overwhelm, whether it be the technology or tools that you have at your disposal. We believe that focussing on certifications and reinvesting in learning should be your priority. If you can grow your business and skills as you earn, you will reap the rewards. You also need to cut corners where possible, and see where you can save on things like work premises and an internet connection to get off the ground.

Clever and Cheap Methodologies

Keeping track of information and communications is key to any client-based work, and whether you use spreadsheets or other means, you need to track all the data you collect. Facebook Groups and Google Sheets also have a multitude of useful features that can be utilized and are free! These tools will help you organize your content and stay on top of things as your client load grows.

Delivering Routines, Communicating with Clients, and Collecting Payments

There is no reason why you cannot effectively interact with clients in very simple ways. Using emails containing links to existent content and videos can be very useful in the beginning too. The content you share does not even have to be your own, as long as it is serving your client! Facebook is usually a good place for communications as most people are reachable through it. In terms of payment, it seems that PayPal is a very popular service among online coaches, as it is safe and familiar; features that will work in your favor.


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