(OTP#85) How to Ask for the Sale (and Why You Should Do It Way More Often Than You Are Right Now)

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The Episode: How to Ask for the Sale (and Why You Should Do It Way More Often Than You Are Right Now)

Running an online training business means creating calls to action in order to make sales. The catch is that most people do not do this nearly enough! We may fear many things around self-promotion and sounding ‘salesy’ but the reality is that if people are not aware of what you are selling and when, they will not give you their money. You need to build towards an understanding with your audience as well as grow that community, and this means regularly putting your offers out there, and ideally building a sales cadence into your content. Another great point to keep in mind is to persist when things slow down, as these are the times that you need to make sales more than ever.

In This Episode

  • You can’t get new clients if you do not promote yourself regularly
  • How to build a simple sales cadence across a four-week period
  • Developing a sense of expectancy amongst clients
  • The time it takes for a community to gain awareness about a business
  • Utilizing persuasion and ‘presuasion’ to empower client decisions
  • The psychology of your business strategy
  • Leaning into your offers when things get quiet


“If you build a cadence into your content, it makes everything easier because promotions go into that.” — Jonathan Goodman


Getting Your Offer Out There

Think about when last you did an enrollment period and told the public that they can pay you to be their coach. How long ago was it? Chances are, you are due for another one, as you cannot do too much of this. It is obviously important to pitch to the correct people too, as this will boost your numbers. A great way to make promotion easier and more natural is to build your sales cadence into your content, and we suggest laying out a schedule of about four weeks in which you create a customer journey leading to a sale.

The Priorities of Your Business

As entrepreneurs, we all have to avoid procrastination, and this applies to the formulation of your business too. Steer away from perfectionism and extras, focus on selling first! Once you have started to generate some sales you can begin to add new layers and features that might benefit you and your clients. It takes time to gain the attention of an audience or community, so get out there and message people to start that fire. You will most likely find that people are really receptive to you reaching out, so plant those seeds for the short and long term.

Breaking Down Your Strategy

As we have said before, you needn’t worry about the reactions of people who are not going to hire you. Focus on those you can and will work with! The other element to keep in mind is that the contemporary attention span is very short and we all find it hard to remember stuff on the internet. It takes multiple repetitions to create an impression, so why not start the party, show people why they should get involved, and stay committed to making it happen!.


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