(OTP#86) How to Build Packages as a Nutrition Coach

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The Episode: How to Build Packages as a Nutrition Coach

Today we look at how the lessons from the Online Trainer Academy can be applied specifically to the role of nutrition coach. Despite some outward differences, fitness and nutrition coaching have many fundamental similarities and as far as the lessons we teach here, they can be viewed in the same way. The same foundational principles apply when you are helping clients improve their diet and relationship with food. You need to understand your clients and your ideal avatar really well, there needs to be some tailoring and individual attention spent on each case, and you have to ask yourself and your clients the right questions. It all ties back into the issue of knowing your business, the service you provide, and who you are providing it to!

In This Episode

  • Introducing the conjunction fallacy and what it teaches us about probability
  • Focussing on selling the results of your service
  • How a wider view of benefits applies to nutrition coaching
  • Food and nutrition can be a sensitive subject for many people
  • Increasing the individualization of programs across different tiers
  • Staying clear on the problem each package solves


“If you try to sell what you do, you’re going to have a hell of a hard time. If you effectively sell the results of what you do, you’re going to have a really easy time.” — Jonathan Goodman


Applying the Model to Nutrition

There is a large amount of overlap between fitness and nutrition coaching, and we offer the same approach to improving each business. The first lesson is to take the focus away from the nuts and bolts of what you do and shine a light on the results you are offering. So do not get caught up in the details that nobody cares about! You want to take your clients to the top floor and show them the view, not tell them how the skyscraper was built.

Sell Results, Not Technical Details

When it comes to food, avoid getting too specific about the technical side of the diet. It is so much more effective to share reassuring messages about what they will be eating and how it is achievable. You definitely do not want to scare them off by over-emphasizing how difficult it will be to give up certain parts of their usual diet. So you have to find a way to transition their current habits into something healthier without upending their whole life. A further dimension to this relates to the sensitivity many of us have around food; it can be tied to identity, culture, and heritage, and thus should be respected and considered properly.

Tailoring a Plan to Suit Your Ideal Clients

Like fitness coaching, work in nutrition is all about the articulation of the benefits. You have to find a way to make your approach work for your different clients, and this takes some individual care. You may want to implement a tiered model of different packages, with increasingly tailored plans across the options. Whatever you decide, there is a level of clear communication needed, and you want to be sharing exactly how your service will solve a specific problem.



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