Top 10 Personal Trainer Tips for Metabolic/Fat Loss Programming


1. The key variable in metabolic or fat loss training is the rest interval. The shorter the rest, the better (30 seconds or less).

2. Using circuits of several exercises done in back-to-back fashion (think A1-A6) is a very effective method for fat loss. Alternating these exercises between upper body and lower body is even more effective.

3. The more muscle fibers you recruit, the more metabolic the session. So think in terms of big, multi-joint movements whenever possible.

4. This training phase is your best opportunity to use higher rep sets.

5. Since the work-to-rest ratio is often ‘negative’ (performing work for a greater amount of time than rest) body weight movements can certainly be used in your program.

6. Metabolic training needs to be done with more frequency than strength or hypertrophy training to have the desired effect.

7. Complexes, whether they are performed with a barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells, may be the ultimate metabolic resistance training protocol.

8. Metabolic training is less demanding on the central nervous system and therefore easier to recover from. If the client is motivated or needs quick results, feel free to add in a few HIIT sessions during the training week. But, as always, monitor for overtraining.

9. Modified Strongman Training is a great way to get a metabolic effect while preserving lean muscle mass. If you have access to a prowler, sled, tires, farmer’s handles, sledgehammer and sandbags, use them!

10. Since fat loss is often the goal of metabolic training and external load is usually low you may want to think about eliminating carbs in your post-workout nutrition and stick with whey protein and BCAAs.

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